Jardins El Roquer offers unique, enchanting spaces for celebrating your wedding both in its gardens and the interior of the palazzo.

Our spectacular surroundings filled with captivating details will make your big day an unforgettable experience characterized by magical and unforgettable moments.

Our exclusive wedding planner services include consulting on every aspect of your wedding as well as managing and coordinating with selected suppliers. We help you choose the best suppliers to make your wedding a distinctive and special event, tailor-made to match the look and style you want to give it.

The setting at El Roquer Gardens is always remarkable and picturesque. We provide all the services you will need, through a meticulous selection of collaborators, including such original features as our Pontiac.

Enjoy a unique experience.

Jardins El Roquer offers the use of its exclusive Pontiac for photo-calls or for arriving to the ceremony behind the wheel of this iconic automobile and then transporting the bride and groom to the country house after the wedding.

This uniquely elegant model is ideal for such an exceptional setting: a classic car with a vintage touch that hearkens back to the previous eras at El Roquer filled with stories and prominent figures from the past.